About Us

The Brooklyn Young Republicans are an active group of 18-40 year olds from all different neighborhoods of Brooklyn. We support the principles and objectives of the Republican Party and work to spread conservative values through helping Republican candidates. Our goals are to provide an opportunity for young people to express their political opinions, to learn more about politics & campaigning, and to become more active in the county & community.

We hold monthly meetings and other events throughout the year. Please check our calendar for the latest information on upcoming meetings/events.
Club Officers 
President - Diana Sepulveda
Vice President - Vito DiGiovanni
Treasurer - Russell Gallo
Secretary - William P O'Neil, III
Past Presidents*:

1880-1881 Seth Low
1881-1882 Horace Edward Deming
1882-1884 William Henry Nichols
1884-1889 William H. Williams
1889-1891 Charles A. Moore
1891-1893 Charles A. Schieren
1893-1894 Stephen M. Griswold
1894-1895 Daniel G. Harriman
1895-1898 Hiram R. Steele
1898-1901 Frank Harvey Field
1901-1903 Frank M. Brooks
1903-1904 Howard McWilliams
1907-1914 Darwin R. James
1914-1917 Elmer G. Sammis
1919-1929 Edward H. Wilson
1929-1935 George W. M. McKenzie Jr.
1935-1936 Willard Robinson
1936-1938 Chauncey L. Grant
1938-1940 Edward W. Wright
1940-1941 George H. Gunsher
1983-1986 Nicholas Medile
1992-1993 Sal Calise
1996-1999 Elizabeth Tretter
2004-2006 Luke Vander Linden
2006-2008 Bob Capano
2008-2011 Jonathan J. Judge
2011*-2013 Russell Gallo
2013-Present Diana Sepulveda

* In 2011 the Brooklyn Young Republicans were relaunched and were recognized by the Kings County Republican Party and received official credentialed status by the New York State Young Republicans.